Five Things I Know To Be True


Jumbled, late-night thoughts on me taking on my senior year of high school. I get cheesy, sentimental, you know, the USUAL.

Here are five things that I know to be true (inspired by the wondrous Sarah Kay):

1.) I am a senior in high school. A part of me is incredibly excited to go to college, and experience another slice of life. Another part of me doesn’t want to leave my friends, my teenage bedroom, and my DOGS (I have two puppers now: Cheekie + Billy).


2.) It’s an odd feeling, being a senior. It’s your last, first day. It’s sitting in the senior section at lunch. It’s circling that you’re in grade TWELVE on a sheet of paper. It’s strange, but I love it? I love the feeling of it. I feel happier, unbelievably happier. Inevitably, I still go through slumps, procrastination, and the infamous senioritis, but there are so many wonderful things that are happening in my life that outshine all that. That’s what really matters.


3.) I do genuinely feel happy. I feel excited for things, for events, for college, for life. Despite my ridiculous, let me emphasize the RIDICULOUS, sleeping schedule, I feel good about it. I believe that due to all of memories I made this summer, it shaped me into a more positive, stimulated person. I feel so ready for it. I FEEL SO READY TO LIVE. I know I probably sound so cheesy, but when you go through this liberating feeling that “everything-is-going-to-be-amazing”, it will be.


4.) My summer was full of breakthroughs. Breakthroughs about the person I am, the person I want to be. It took me a lot of time to come to terms to what was happening with me: I’m growing up. By this time last year, I remember how I felt: confused and overwhelmed. But now, I know what I want. It may be broad, and something I can’t explain without smiling or my cheeks turning red, but I know it. And that’s an incredible feeling.


5.) There are some golden people in this world. I’ve been volunteering at my local hospital, and I’ve met some amazing people. It’s crazy to see how some people can just light up a room. Some people are so sincere, and take the time to make you smile. One of the patient’s relatives came up to me and told me, “Hey, thanks for everything. We really appreciate everything you do. Good luck.” It may seem like a insignificant or mundane sentence, but it really resonated with me. I’m telling you, there are some golden people in this world that deserve all the love that we have to offer.

Well, I hope you enjoy my cheesy update. This is my life at the moment, in a few bullet points. I would love to go more in depth to some of the things happening in my life, but it’s nearly 12 am, and I’m in dire need of sleep.

Here are some accurate (some OH WELL) representations of my senior year through snapchat:










Thanks for everything, and feel free to stay awhile,

Victoria-Jo x.


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